Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Directions to the Women in Business Expo at Hannam Towers

Join us at the Women in Business Expo Part Deux!

Over ten vendors will be at this event promoting/selling beauty and health products.

We are delighted to be a part of this event for the second time around.

Please join us at this March 2, 2014 event.

Directions are as follows:

Walking directions to the Women in Business Venue, Hannam Towers.
1. Take the Seoul subway to Hangangjin Station.
2. Leave the station from Exit 3. There is an elevator at that exit. (You can see the elevator in picture 2.)
3. Come out and make a quick left down the stairs you see in picture 2.
4. After you walk down the alley, make the first right turn. You will see the buildings in picture 3 at this point.
5. Continue walking down that street and you will see Paragon apartments. (picture 4)
6. The road will end and at this point you should be able to clearly see Hannam Towers. Make a right to follow the wall to Hannan Towers. (picture 5)
7. Walk along the wall and then you will come to the guard gate and Hannam Towers on your left.

Let the guard know you are there for the Women in Business Expo and head to the event. It will be on the Penthouse level.

Buses that go to Hannam Tower:

 The bus stop name for these RED buses are at the top of the picture. You can show the bus driver when you get on the bus and ask him/her to let you know where to get off the bus. When you get off the bus, you will need to walk away from the bridge you see in these pictures. Make the first left and then a quick right in Hannam Towers.
 BLUE buses that go to Hannam Tower.
BLUE & GREEN buses that go to Hannam Tower.

The name of the bus stop you will want to get off at.

When you see this building, you will need to get off the bus. This building is almost directly across from Hannam Towers.

Any questions? Text us at 010.4169.0396.

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